State of the Art Mobile Processing Unit for Small Scale Producers

Mobile Slaughter Unit

Mobile Processing Trailer Specifications

Basic 36 ft Trailer

Primary Activity:

On farm USDA inspected slaughter of livestock and transport of dressed carcasses to fixed facility for chilling and subsequent processing.  Skinning and evisceration will take place inside the unit and dressed carcasses are then hung in a refrigerated section of the unit.

General Information:

The trailer is divided into three sections, mechanical/storage, hanging carcass cooler, and processing from front to rear. The design of the unit takes into consideration the need for robust construction while minimizing weight and USDA requirements for fit and finish of materials, which allow for sanitary operations and cleanup. The cooler and processing sections are wet areas and all materials and electrical fittings are rated for use in wet environments.

2 Inch King Pin Hitch Trailer

Wheels and axels for low profile interior floor deck

Overall Dimensions:

Length             28 Ft.  from drop wall to rear
Width              8.5 ft.
Height             13.5 ft.

Nominal Inside height            11.5 ft.

Mechanical Area:

Space above hitch to 4 ft. aft of drop wall.
Solid permanent wall separating Mechanical area from Cooler
Curb side door 36” wide
Ceiling and separating wall finished with plywood skin.
Ceiling insulated
Aluminum floor

      Provided and installed by manufacturer.

  1. 10 kw diesel Generator installed complete with
    1. 50 fuel tank,
    2. remote start panel,
    3. wiring harness,
    4. 100 Amp electrical service panel,
    5. Automatic transfer switch and shore power connection with cable,
    6. Sound insulated generator compartment with removable panels for service access,
    7. Exhaust system.
    8. Cooling air ducting

  2. Refrigeration compressor(s) for cooler evaporator

  3. Water System
    1. Water tank (300 gal) baffled
    2. Propane on demand hot water heater and remote propane tank
    3. Pressure pump
    4. Plumbing to processing area

  4. Acid Wash System
    1. 10 gal plastic acid tank
    2. Small pressure pump
    3. Plumbing to process area and spray wand

  5. Other
    1. Fluorescent light fixture and switch by door.
    2. 120 v duplex outlets
    3. Ventilation opening for refrigeration cooling air inlet + exhaust fan
    4. Floor drains or flush door sill
    5. Storage arrea for small tools, trolleys, beef & lamb cradles and meat saw


  1. Full width by 11 ft. directly aft of Mechanical area.
  2. Ceiling, wall and door coverings lined with painted white aluminum
  3. Double doors 24” wide each, double sealed with heavy duty frame and no lip on bottom of door for cooler cleaning. Latches to open from both sides. Cutout in bulkhead above doors for meat rail.
  4. Aluminum floor
  5. Spray foam insulation in walls and ceiling
  6. Spray foam insulation 3” thick under cooler floor
  7. Two 4 ft fluorescent light fixtures Cold weather fixtures Nema rated for wash down and shatterproof. Switch located at rear of trailer.
  8. Meat rail system with  a support structure built into walls and across ceiling to mount a 4 rail meat rail system to. Rail system is capable of supporting an 8,000 pound load of carcasses. A center rail will connect with a single rail in Processing area.
  9. Stainless steel hooks in aft corners for hanging meat hook “trees”

Processing Area:


  1. Rear door 4 ft wide full height, centered. Door with latch to open from each side and secure cam lock closer for travel.  Heavy-duty frame and flush with floor for trailer clean out.
  2. 30”by 30”  access door flush with floor, curb side, located just aft of wheel wells, with latch to open from each side.
  3. 2 cargo rings flush mounted in floor, 3 ft forward and 8 ft forward of rear door
  4. Wheel well covers to be food grade stainless steel
  5. Aluminum floor


  1. 2 full width drain sumps with floor level grating.  One at rear of trailer and one just aft of double door into cooler
  2. one sink station with knee operated wall mounted sink, stainless steel paper towel dispenser, and hanging sterilizer with heater (street side)
  3. Hose station with hot & cold water, and 25 ft food grade hose and nozzle


  1. One duplex 110v outlet centered each side 48” above floor
  2. Two 4 ft fluorescent light fixtures Nema rated for wash down and shatterproof. Switch located at rear of trailer.       


  1. 2 cable winches (2000 lb rated min) mounted such that lift points are centered and 1 ft and 8 ft forward of rear of trailer. With “water proof” hanging pendent controls
  2. Inspection tray for organ meats mounted on curb side wall
  3. Trolley storage rail mounted on wall street side
  4. Head inspection rack mounted on rear wall curb side of rear door
  5. Exhaust fan and intake air vent


Removable ramp 48 in wide by 60 in long in 2 sections that attaches to rear of trailer, flush with floor and allows rear door to be opened and closed with ramp in place.  or 360-468-4620
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