State of the Art Mobile Processing Unit for Small Scale Producers

Mobile Slaughter Unit

USDA Inspected Mobile Processing of Large Animals

For Small Scale Producers

The meat processing industry has become more consolidated in recent years, resulting in the closure of many small processing plants across the country.  Small family farmers who wish to market their livestock directly to consumers, restaurants and local stores often do not have USDA inspected processing facilities available within a practical distance.  A group of farmers in San Juan County, WA set out to address this problem. The solution was the first mobile USDA Inspected field slaughter unit. Since the first unit started operation in 2002 TriVan Truck Body has built a number of MSU trailers, like our basic 36 ft unit pictured here. These units incorporate the changes and improvements made to our prototype.


The unit is equipped with a diesel generator, water storage, hot water heater, refrigeration and tools to allow for fully self-contained operation. Carcasses begin chilling immediately after processing and are down to temperature by the next morning.




Processing Capability

8 beef, 24 hogs, or 40 sheep per day with two butchers. The unit can be operated by one butcher at a lower capacity. The hanging cooler in the trailer can hold up 8000 lb of carcasses so the unit can operate for two days before returning to its base to unload carcasses and re-supply.


Units come complete with all installed equipment required for operation under USDA Inspection.



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