State of the Art Mobile Processing Unit for Small Scale Producers

Mobile Slaughter Unit

Installed Equipment

The following equipment items are installed in the basic 36 ft trailer as part of the manufacturing
process and included in the base trailer price. Additional equipment items can be provided as requested by customers.

1. 10 kw diesel Generator installed complete with

  1. 50 fuel tank
  2. remote start panel
  3. wiring harness
  4. 100 Amp electrical service panel
  5. Automatic transfer switch and shore power connection with cable
  6. Sound insulated generator compartment with removable panels for service
  7. Exhaust system
  8. Cooling air ducting

2. Refrigeration compressor and cooler evaporator sized to chill 6000 lb of hot
meat within 24 hrs.

3. Water System

  1. Water tank (300 gal) baffled
  2. Propane on demand hot water heater and remote propane tank
  3. Pressure pump
  4. Plumbing to processing area

4. Acid Wash System

  1. 10 gal plastic acid tank
  2. Small pressure pump
  3. Plumbing to process area and spray wand

5. Cooler & Processing Area

  1. Fluorescent light fixtures and switch by door.
  2. 120 v duplex outlets
  3. Ventilation opening for refrigeration cooling air inlet + exhaust fan
  4. Storage area for small tools, trolleys, beef & lamb cradles and meat saw
  5. Meat rail system with a support structure built into walls and across ceiling to
    mount a 4-rail meat rail system to. Rail system is capable of supporting 6,000
    pounds. A center rail will connect with a single rail in processing area
  6. Stainless steel hooks in aft corners for hanging meat hook “trees”
  7. 2 cargo rings flush mounted in floor, 3 ft forward and 8 ft forward of rear door
  8. 2 cable winches (2000 lb rated min) mounted such that lift points are centered and
    1 ft and 8 ft forward of rear of trailer. With “water proof” hanging pendent
  9. Inspection tray for organ meats mounted on curb side wall
  10. Trolley storage rail mounted on wall street side
  11. Head inspection rack mounted on rear wall curb side of rear door
  12. Exhaust fan and intake air vent
  13. one sink station with knee operated wall mounted sink, stainless steel paper
    towel dispenser, and hanging sterilizer with heater (street side)
  14. Hose station with hot& cold water, and 25 ft food grade hose and nozzle  or 360-468-4620
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